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St. Joseph's House

This house was run by the Corpus Christi Carmelite sisters who cared for the elderly and when they removed to Leicester the care of the residents was taken over by The Sons of Divine Providence. Plans for a new purpose-built unit were in hand but permission for this was refused and so it was decided that once the last resident had moved the conversion of the house into flatlets with a resident warden would proceed.

Back of St. Josephs
St. Joseph's (rear view)

St. Katharine's Chapel, which is across the road from the house, is believed to have been built during the reign of Edward III and was probably in use until the Reformation before being turned to secular use. 

After The Sons of Divine Providence took over the first regular priest in the 1980s was Fr. Joseph Masiero RIP followed by Fr. Angelo Quadrini, Fr. Victor Muzzin, Fr. Malcolm Dyer, Fr. Stephen Beale and Fr. Gary Dyer with regular visits also from Fr. John Perrotta and many of The Sons of Divine Providence priests from other countries who the people of Shorne took to their hearts.

Fr. Masiero

Unfortunately St. Katharine's Chapel is no longer a regular Mass centre but the congregation in Shorne will always be grateful for the commitment and kindness of The Sons.

Fr. Masiero
( Superior from 1972 - 1981).

Beside St. Katharine’s Church was an old semi-circular building named the Malthouse Cottage which housed two tenants of The Sons for some years.  It had previously housed the Chaplain when the Carmelite Sisters owned the property. It needed extensive refurbishment  so it was decided to sell and alternative accommodation was found for the tenants.  The sale went through in 1996.

The Malthouse
The Malthouse

Rev. Wm Pepyr - Mid 15th Century
Richard Parker (Squire) d. 1646 Subseneschal of Gravesend
Henry Parker (son of Richard Parker)
John Parker (son of Richard Parker) Understeward for Oliver Cromwell d. 1683.
Jarvis Maplesdon III bought Pipes Place in early 1700
Jarvis Maplesdon IV son of JM3 d. 1716 m. Jane*
Jarvis Maplesdon V son of JM4 b.1706 d. 1769 - Rebuilt Pipes Place
Married 3 times
(1) Elizabeth Watts 1725 (d. 1728)
(2) Diana Crayker 1729 (d. 1731 had son Benjamin b.1731)
(3) Rachael Lett 1731

*Jane m. Dr. Ayerst who bought Fullers Farm in 1735
Jarvis Maplesdon VI b. 1726 m. Anne
George Matthews Arnold bought Pipes Place 1898 d.1908 Mayor of Gravesend founded Arnold Museum, Northfleet. Modified building 1901.

Occasionally 'the murder' is mentioned. The facts are that in March 1975 a vagrant by name Patrick Mackay stole into the small cottage where Fr. Anthony Crean lived in semi-retirement. He grabbed the priest who broke free and ran to the bathrom. Mackay plucked an axe from a box under the stairs, followed Fr. Crean and killed him in the bathtub. He was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment for the manslaughter of Fr. Crean and two others.
In the village it was a five-day wonder. Now out of 70 older residents gathered at the local coffee club only 7 remembered anything about it.


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